Interconnectivity for social networks

This documentation explains the proposed Iconet (interconnected networks) spec which describes a minimal fallback mechanism to display and interact with content from natively unsupported social networks and clients.

TODO: Stress that this is by no means a ready spec but to be understood as a starting base for discussions.

What’s here?

  • The Specification

    • of data required to provide a presentation fallback or a packet translation (Required Iconet Data for a Packet)

    • of manifests that contain the required data to create a fallback presentation or translation (Interpreter Manifests)

    • of the usage of iframes to provide the fallback or translate the packet and the communication flow between iframe and the embedding application (Iconet Iframes)

    • a discussion about isolating iframes from the embedding application to to prevent data leakage (Iframe Permissions and Sandboxing)

  • Challenges & Discussions outlines discussions we faced during development and possible alternative pathways

  • Glossary explains the basic terms and components


To demonstrate and investigate the functionality of the spec, we developed a network and added an extension to mastodon:

You can find our repositories on Codeberg.


See the Iconet Foundation Website for current blog updates, explanatory materials and ways to contribute.


We have given public presentations on the topic, you can find recordings here:

Solving social networking through interconnectivity 40-minute presentation during the Remote Chaos Experience 2021 in German (English live translation is available in the player, but sometimes a bit rough). Putting interconnectivity into context and taking a look into the needed architecture.

Interconnectivity for social networks 15-minute presentation during the Offdem 2022 in English. Overview of the core concepts and goals behind interconnectivity.

From September 2022 to February 2023 this project receives funding from the German Ministry of Education and Research.